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Quality & Service

Yorkshire Vodka

Royal Spring Yorkshire vodka is a multi distilled, sugar based premium quality vodka uniquely produced with our own Natural Mineral Water. You will only find our Mineral Water in our products, we don’t supply it to any other third party for any use, making our products unique.
You can easily taste the quality difference, there are very few vodkas in the world made with such a high quality water, and certainly no other with Royal Spring Mineral Water.

In average strength distilled spirits, the water accounts for almost 2/3rds of the whole volume, so it is a very important ingredient. These rare premium vodka’s are normally very expensive, but not here at Royal Spring, with our small batches and low overheads, we can bring you the best for a fraction of the normal prices of these top quality products, and for not much more cost than the ‘mass produced’ minimum strength brands commonly available.

Royal Spring Yorkshire Vodka is very smooth, with no harshness as you find in some other brands.
The quality difference is apparent right from the first taste, the Sugar base gives it an extremely smooth velvety taste not found in other Vodka, and is ideal to drink on its own, on the rocks, or as a mixer, a perfect all rounder.

Three Sisters Gin


Our newest addition to the product range is the Three Sisters Gin.
Available now from the shop section of this web site in 2 sizes.
Like our Vodka, this Gin is also made with our Natural Mineral Water, and as the water originates from Bronte Country, we thought it appropriate to give it a name which reflects the region where it is made, and the origin of the mineral water itself that it's made from. we chose the three famouse Bronte Sisters.
Made at a stronger than normal Strength of 45% ABV, this gives the Gin a solid wonderful aroma, with a very smooth and slightly citrus based finish, this is due to very well balanced use of the botanicals in this lovely Gin.

Being so well balanced this Gin will go well with any mixer of choice, especially with the traditional light tonic generally used in G&T's but goes equally well with more exotic coloured or flavoured mixers, especially the latest increase in use of Ginger ale as the mixer.
The combinations are endless.

As with any alcoholic drink, whichever is your favourite, please drink responsibly

Yorkshire Vodka

Made in three Strengths to suit every taste


Pure & Simple

The Choice is Clear

Our entry level Vodka, the Mineral Blue, is made at 45% ABV, so even the entry level one is already quite a bit stronger than the mass produced ‘legal minimum brands’, and just by using this instead, will already give a bit more of a kick to the intended drink or mixer.

If you prefer your drinks a bit stronger still, then our Mineral White version, at 55% ABV will be ideal, allowing the correct proportions of the mixer or cocktail to be kept, while making a stronger 'accurate' drink.

Finally, the Mineral Red is our strongest version, at 65% ABV for those who like a nice strong drink, this will make any cocktail ideal for people who have a taste for a stronger drink.
The Mineral Red version has been made to this strength to be on a par with some of the other stronger premium spirit drinks such as the cask strength Whisky’s, and other types of stronger drinks with a similar ABV%
So if you prefer Vodka instead of these, you can now buy one which is similar in strength, this was difficult to do until Yorkshire Vodka Mineral Red came along.

These three vodka’s are designed to give you full control over the drinks you want to make, or to simply enjoy them as they are. There is no longer the need to compromise, you can make the drink as weak or as strong as you like, you now have the choice and the products to get it exactly as you like it simply by buying one of the three strengths available, and using that as the base.

As with any alcoholic drink, whichever is your favourite, please drink responsibly.


Made with Love & Care

Highest Standards

Both the Yorkshire Vodka and Gin are made in very small batches, there is no automation involved. Every bottle is manually handled throughout the production stages and carefully checked.
Our stills are relatively small, giving full control over the quality and speed of production. We don’t employ any robots, and during production, the product only ever comes into contact with top quality polished stainless steel vessels which are used throughout the process.

All the production processes and procedures used are to a very high standard, ensuring quality and consistency are always maintained.

Each bottle is checked many times before its manually labelled, capped, and sealed.


100% Mineral Water.. the key ingredient....a brief history

Royal Spring has been bottling Natural Mineral Water for many years, initially supplying bottled drinking water to all the major and minor airlines through airport catering companies at numerous UK airports.
This was bottled in bespoke sizes for single serve on board aircraft.

We also supplied local shops, stores, hospitals, schools, with retail packaged bottled water, and finally supplying office water coolers and fountains to companies of all sizes.

So this water has travelled far, and has earned a solid reputation for quality and stability, even after all the years, we have recorded zero complaints about the water itself, and indeed, received many complimentary comments, a testament to its constant and unchanging quality and stability.

This Natural Mineral Water is one of the best in the UK. The water source is a borehole over 300 feet deep, drilled and lined in 1863, which taps into a huge underground aquifer.
The water originates from the South, in the Haworth moor area, the heart of Bronte country, and slowly filters downhill through the underground strata gathering and absorbing Minerals for many decades before emerging as Natural Mineral Water at Royal Spring.

Unusually, the water source is artesian, which means it emerges under its own considerable pressure, this is a major advantage for ground water, and sets it apart from all the others as being under constant pressure, helps to keep ‘everything out’ of the water. This natural pressure, makes extraction very easy, there is no need to pump it out of the ground, it emerges voluntarily letting nature do all the work, we only use valves and pumps to control the flow. The water emerges all by itself.
It has to be permanently capped under pressure, making this a unique ultra pure water.


Choose a Vodka strength to suit your taste or try our New Superb Three Sisters GIN.

To celebrate the launch of this wonderful NEW Gin we have reduced ALL ON-LINE PRICES making this GIN and VODKA exceptional value so grab a bottle while stocks last.


We can now offer fast delivery to the mainland UK for only £4.99p for ANY SIZE order so why not team up with friends or family to combine orders and save on postage for even better value, and help us reduce our carbon footprint with fewer delivieries.

This will normally be Next Day Delivery but may be 2 Days depending on time of order and how busy we are for the dispatch
The normal exceptions to this are mainly for the highlands and islands with the postcodes listed below.
If you wish to order from these areas please email us before placing any orders.

Please also note that some more remote areas within the normal accepted postcodes can also take 2 or 3 working days for delivery

Due to the nature of the product, the courier may take a digital image of it prior to delivery, to record and confirm the product has arrived safely
(dry and in one piece)

Also proof of age may also be required If recipient looks under age, this is to comply with and help stop under age drinknig

Post Code exceptions

AB37 / AB 40-56 / IV 1-28 / IV 30-40 / IV63 / KW 1-5 / KW 6-10 / KW 11-14 / PA 21-25 / PA 36-40 / PH 15-26 / PH 30-41 / PH 49 / PH50

  • Special Offer

  • Mineral Blue
  • 20cl Full Set Mineral Blue, White, & Red Vodka
    20cl Bottles
  • 45% ABV Blue, 55% ABV White, 65% ABV Red
  • 29.00

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  • Special Offer

  • Mineral Blue
  • 70cl Full Set Mineral Blue,White, & Red Vodka
    70cl Bottles
  • 45% ABV Blue, 55% ABV White, 65% ABV Red
  • 79.00

    Set: No 10
  • Special Offer

  • Mineral Blue
  • 2 x 70cl Three sisters Gin & 70cl Mineral Blue Vodka
    70cl Bottles
  • 45% ABV Gin & 45% ABV Vodka
  • 75.00

    Set: No 11

Terms And Conditions

Please read these terms and conditions carefully before using the Yorkshire Vodka online shop.
Our details are as below for any further information, please use the contact page.
Please note the new unique reference number (URN) for the new Alcohol Wholesale Registration Scheme (AWRS).

Main Details

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Most orders will be sent next working day after ordering.
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This rule applies throughout the year. Next working day means next midweek day unless it’s a national bank holiday.
All deliveries must be signed for, our couriers are dedicated to delivering glass bottles, and no claims for damage will be accepted once the package has been delivered ‘dry’, ‘undamaged’, and signed for.

In the extremely unlikely event of any damage, this will be recorded in writing and with a digital image by the currier, and the parcel will not be delivered or left anywhere but returned to sender, where it will be dealt with either by sending a replacement, or refunded in full.
Anyone signing who looks under the legal drinking age may be asked for Identification and may be refused delivery to comply with the law, and to help avoid any underage drinking.

We do not deliver to any address outside the UK.

Any orders from outside the UK must have a UK delivery address otherwise the order will not be accepted.

Cancelation of orders

If for any reason there is a problem with an order, or if ordered in error, and a cancelation is required, then please use the contact page to get in touch, quoting as much information as possible, we will do our best to sort out any problems or issues with orders.
Contact must be made immediately any problem arises, and before any dispatch to facilitate this process.
Given the nature of the product, returns are not generally accepted, however, in extreme circumstances, all return requests will be taken on individual merit, and if approved will be issued with a returns number and dedicated returns address. Any returns must go to this address which will be issued when the return is accepted and the returns number should be clearly marked on the parcel
Unless agreed by Royal Spring Yorkshire Vodka in writing, all return postage costs are to paid for by the buyer wanting to return the item, refunds will be made in full for all accepted returns including postage if the reasons are for problems rather than requests. We will notify you accordingly on a individual basis.
All returns must be in the original unopened packaging, unless agreed with us in writing.
We employ a rigorous manual manufacturing process and laboratory batch testing procedures every batch and therefore every bottle is fully tested for consistency, and it will be unlikely for any product not to be of the highest standard. In the unlikely event of any return it will be fully tested, analysed and compared with the original data to help identify any issues.

Order Acceptance

Although extremely unlikely, we hold the right to refuse any order.
This is in case a mistake has been made by either party, for example an order has the wrong postage amount by either a problem with the web site, or incorrect entry, or if an international order has somehow slipped through the ordering system.
We will do our best to put this right by any compromise but ultimately we hold the right to refuse the order and refund any payments made where any agreement cannot be reached.
These terms and conditions form the basis for our online shop, any other issue or problem will be dealt with on an individual basis to a satisfactory conclusion. Our liability extends only to the value of the products purchased and in accordance to the distance selling rules covering on line sales.

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